J Hunt of Windsor Finest Quality Foods 82 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1DH Great Grove Free-Range Turkeys Product Price per Kg Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 4.5Kg  4.99Kg 13.99 Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 5Kg  6.99Kg 13.49 Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 7Kg  8.99Kg 11.99 Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 9Kg+ 10.49 Bronze Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 4.5Kg  4.99Kg 15.29 Bronze Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 5Kg  6.99Kg 14.39 Bronze Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 7Kg  8.99Kg 12.99 Bronze Free-Range Norfolk Turkeys 9Kg+ 11.79 Boneless Turkey Breast 4  5Kg 11.99 Boneless Half Turkey Breast 2  3Kg 12.99 Fresh Frozen Style Turkey TBC Fresh Capons TBC Fresh Chickens 9.99 EACH Fresh Ducks TBC Fresh Free-Range Geese 17.39 Whole Legs of Pork TBC Legs of Pork Joints TBC Rib of Beef 19.99 Whole Easy Carve Ham TBC Half Easy Carve Ham TBC Quarter Easy Carve Ham TBC Whole Triple Smoked Gammon Bone In TBC Half Triple Smoked Gammon Bone-In TBC Triple Smoked Horseshoe Gammon TBC Unsmoked Horseshoe Gammon TBC Smoked Horseshoe Gammon TBC Roast Beef Joints 13.99 Corner Cut & Second Cut Topside 13.99 454g Pork Sausage meat stick 3.00 EACH Pigs in Blanket (trays of 12) 4.00 EACH
Christmas Produce List 2018
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